Using Trello for Planning

I have kept my ideas, personal project, monthly progress on Evernote for some time, it is not perfect, but it serve the keeping record purpose. It has some issue includes no overview view, no status stage to keep track, some of the info just get outdated.

I been looking for a better solution for this, a task focus based services (todoist / asana ) doesn’t seem like a fit for this. While I search for a solution, I happen to saw @feint’s post on using Trello to keep track ideas, it seems like Trello might be the one that solve my problem.

I mention about why I didn’t use Trello for project management before, but Trello perfect fit my current use case; I migrated those related notes from Evernote to Trello and set up three board.

Board 1 is for the personal project, just like how @feint describe in his post to manage projects and interesting idea.

Board 2 is for personal performance tracking, I setup list for Work and Life, this allows me to track down what I have done each month in order to meet my annual goal. It allows me to review every month and for reference when I am going to write my annual review.

Board 3 is for all WP related resource , I bought all kind of WordPress Premium Plugin and Theme Club, by listing all the resources on hand, I can do some brainstorm on what I can build, what I can use for next project.

That’s it, if you still looking for tools for doing what I mention above, Trello might be your answer. If you have been using Trello and looking for new ideas how to utilize it for work & life, I hope how I am amusing it gives you some inspiration.

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