Posting to multiple micro blogging service

Happen to see this tool service few day ago , it’s like a cross posting service that can post to most of the micro blogging service, include twitter, jaiku , pownce and tumblr. I believe some of you guys might be using more then 1 micro blogging service and multiple service update it’s quite troublesome.

So far my testing on twitter, jaiku and tumblr working ok , all 3 services getting update immediately but tumblr display this entry twice, i wonder is it because of  tumblr v3 release causing this ? i m quite impress by some tiny thing, like after you input your username and password for other micro blogging service, it will actually verify first, when you did posting, a small animate icon will be show to inform you which service is posting now, after it complete the posting, a hyper link is show for you to access to the posted entry on the related micro blogging site.


actually i been hoping to develop a similiar idea like this, but who know someone did it already, geez you can’t just think sometime. Oh the only minus point of this site is not so english friendly ? some other language showing and mix with english , i think a clean up need to be done on this.

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