Welcome to I’m Knight , my personal blog that talking about web , mac , my freelance journey  and my personal thought.


My name is Knight Tan , I m a married guy (2012 )  ,a father (2014) and  a freelance web developer that started my own company (2011) . I been using WordPress since 2004 when I still study in University . In fact it is because of WordPress , I started to dive into PHP.

It’s been 12 year since I started this blog , as you can see from the archives , the first post started 2004, this blog been through many version and filtering of content , since I putting on google Adsense , I been remove lots of personal stuff from this blog and migrated to another blog , I putting on the ads because I believe some of post provided some value to the visitor, which is the reason I been remove posts that without giving any value.

I love Mac & Web . Since I become a mac switcher (2007) , I been deeply in love with this OS and never regret, which might be explained currently I m deeply integrated with all the Apple device.  I been playing with all sort of web applications / web services / open source script  when I start explore to the World Wide Web, I believe this might be the cause I become a web developer today.

Photo by:  Jordan McQueen