Rework Labs Report July & August 2016

I miss out last month post mainly because my whole family is down with viral fever. It’s a diaster when everyone in the family down with the fever, but I m glad that now everyone is recovered.

So what happen in July & August?

Freelance – I build a mockup website, working on a Project for the petrol station, implement a new payment gateway to use on Gravity form and start to monitor metrics for an Ecommerce site.

Enquiry – I have one major enquiry last month if the deal is confirmed, I was going to be busy for the next few month, and it will help me to reach the new sales goal.

Learn – I build a Laravel package for my use, it allow me to share some common features among my three ongoing Laravel project. Beside that, I learn how to link a payment gateway to use on Gravity form.

Product – I manage to build a quick prototype for one of my ideal projects, but didn’t have much time to polish it, and I just heard someone might be doing similar project soon, I better get it up and release the version 1.0.

I got few more things to blog about. Hopefully, I can maintain this writing urge and publish a few post soon.

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