2016 Year In Review

It’s kind of late to write a 2016 review, I been losing momentum to write anything for the past few month. Finally today I have some time to sit down and type out this post.

Checking on my 2016 Resolution, I felt quite regret for a year past and didn’t complete much.

  • Work / Product / Life Balance – I did pretty well for Work Life balance, I work lesser during weekend nowadays and spends time with my family. But nothing has been done on the product side.
  • Stay Healthy – Have enough sleep, cut down 3-in-1 coffee a lot and went for GYM some time, but weight still the main issue.
  • Build Habits – I think this last for four months and I totally lost track.
  • Build Something – I thought building product is easy but I totally failure last year, I did a few concept little thing and left it.
  • Convert from freelance to product owner – Nope, long way to go.

I still using Trello to track my resolutions and relevant monthly events and it works well, but I don’t have much patient to build up habits.

So these are the memorable things for 2016.

  • Family trip to Perth during May, my son first oversea trip.
  • Family trip to HK during Oct.
  • Kuantan Biz Trip during June, my first local biz trip.
  • Melaka Trip during July.
  • Staycation on Jan and Oct.
  • Bought a new car because our COE is ending soon.
  • My son starts going to play group.
  • My son first performance on stage.
  • Back to World Of Warcraft for three months.
  • A new Family Member confirmed.
  • Meetup with a bunch of primary school friends.
  • A Family Member passes away.
  • Kickstart an e-commerce store.


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