10 things about Rework Labs 2015

It’s been five years since I started Rework Labs. I have mix feeling on this day. I m proud that I did survive as a freelancer for five years already, but at the same time, I m shame on myself unable to expand it to a bigger scale.

I did hire some part-time staff at one point, but it didn’t work out. The company is good enough for one person but hardly expand to a team. I m planning to do some changes this year and hopefully, can improve the current situation.

These are the ten important things for Rework Labs in 2015.

  1. Total revenue remains the same but with better profit due to less outsource.
  2. 15% of income are monthly recurring which mainly come from WordPress site maintenance.
  3. I have fixed 2 hacked WordPress site this year.
  4. Build and maintain one of e-commerce website with 200k page view and S$20k sales ( Dec 2015 ).
  5. Maintain one of the websites that running on 500k page view per month.
  6. Build & Upgrade 3 Laravel 5 projects. It’s a Laravel year for me.
  7. One of the maintain sites has been unfriendly take over without being inform. I can choose to keep quiet and continue to invoice the company, but I leave.
  8. I make a mistake to give an enormous discount for an e-commerce website in the hope that will get the multi-country project. In the end, the project has been awarded to another vendor.
  9. Since Linode open their SG data center, I have been consolidating all my server to them.
  10. After 5 years, finally Rework Labs has an official logo.


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