Review 2011

Looking back what happen on 2011 , base on my 2011 resolutions ,I have done 4 out of 7 , some of the easy task like quarterly review is totally out of my mind.

The most upset part is I have miss the weight control goal again and I really need to work hard to come out with my own products.

Here are the 10 memorable things for 2011.

  1. Quit my job and start my own company.
  2. Relocated and moving back to JB.
  3. Due to using FuelCMS heavily on my 2 project, I have contribute some patch to this open source CMS.
  4. Build an mobile web version of a flash web site for iPhone  & iPad.
  5. Subscribe to one of the expensive developer license but didn’t produce anything until recently.
  6. I bought a Macbook Air.
  7. Meet up with lots of ex-colleague , some of them even offer some work to me.
  8. Thanks for an ex colleague intro a designer to me, she has been giving me lots of project to do.
  9. I register as a iOS developer on the day Steve Job pass away. He inspired me.
  10. Travel around Malaysia with my wife to attend a few friend wedding, this is my first time go to other state like iPoh & Alor Setar etc.

Photo Credit ( Meriwallpaper )

This conclude what happen to me on 2011 , it really kind of mix , there are combination sad and happiness.

Example I m glad to relocated back but at the same time I m kind of regret because of certain things, but I guess this just how life work, you won’t be know until you choose a path, once you make your decision, you can only live with it and try to make it better.

Good bye 2011 & Happy 2012 to everyone!

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