Goodbye 2009 – 25 random things edition

It seem like my 2009 summary post is late , because I’m down with flu for the past few day, not really a good ending for 2009 but looking on the bright side I hope that all the sickness will end on 2009.For 2009 summary I’m not going to post many summary post like previous year , I will be using the 25 random things about me meme style.

25 random things about me on 2009

  1. I m still on weight control , still setting my target on 80 KG , current weight is 86.5KG.
  2. I bought the air ticket and going to have family trip on march 2010.
  3. I’m glad that going through recession without losing job.
  4. I have did some project that i m proud of on my job ( restructure one of the project into MVC mode and bringing social element to another project)
  5. I setup a Facebook page for propose to my love one on the day we go steady 9 years ago and she agree.
  6. I have ROM with my love on september, I’m a legally married man now.
  7. I’m still  trying to get use to it for this upgrade, from boyfriend 1.0 to husband 2.0
  8. I have hit my next saving target amount.
  9. I bought a few insurances this year.
  10. I’m start feeling financial pressure .
  11. I quit WOW for sometime but recently join back as casual due to my wife is playing too.
  12. I playing quite a lot of Facebook game with my colleagues.
  13. I have plan to build a Facebook game but didn’t kick start so far.
  14. I receive  1 Google cheque only this year.
  15. My blog traffic is falling to bottom due to some mistake during revamp ( i have fixed it and now slowly climb back )
  16. I been reading a lot of Code Igniter tutorials but never kick start any project.
  17. I have build my first WordPress theme base on hybrid theme framework.
  18. I did try to build a twitter applications site but lost interest soon after it launch.
  19. For the first time , i didn’t getting any gadget this year.
  20. My netbook MSI Wind still under utilize and Ipod Touch continue to be my favourite Gadget.
  21. I’m struggle between iPhone and Android Phone.
  22. I seldom use my mobile phone now day , just tweet/msn/Facebook me might be the easier way to reach me.
  23. I didn’t switch hosting for the past 1 year.
  24. I switch over to Chrome but I still love Firefox for web development purpose.
  25. I’m in love with Mac  and slightly addicted on both Twitter and Facebook.

I think i have more then 25 things to mentions for 2009 but this list should include the most important 25 things , the only regret for 2009 is the webwork section, It’s been continious 2 years i didn’t get a satisfy result on the webwork section, I hope that will be something great happen on 2010.

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