Summary of 2008 Resolutions

This going to be my self-review for 2008 part 1.

No doubt 2008 is not my year,as i mention in my recent post , i know i will be upset when doing summary for my 2008 resolutions, but this still need to be done , as a lesson and as a reminder to myself to doing better in 2009. Checking on my 2008 resolutions post and compare to my 2007 resolutions summary , i really need to work harder on 2009.

for Life section – 0.5/3

  • Below 80KG – nope my weight never go down any more in fact it pump up a bit but lucky still maintain below 90KG.
  • Travel – my family having some problem and my dad’s health condition unstable , so nope we didn’t travel
  • Productivy and organize – not really on the productivity but i m more organize , using both todo list and calendar to organize my life.

For Finance section – 1/3

  • saving , target 5k – done, although some of the money stuck on share
  • get a insurans plan – nope , original thinking of Oct then lots of thing happen and now still pending
  • monthly blog income – nope, this year i only receive twice google cheque

For Tech section – 0.5/3

  • learn a php framework – nope
  • make a project by this framework – nope
  • upgrade my css and ajax – slightly upgrade on my ajax and css due to work

For Work section – 2/2

  • hope that getting a good reward for my performance
  • have a project that i m proud with it

in term of score i only getting 4  out of 11  , although some of the goal really affected by unexpected reason but after all i still think i m not doing good enough for this year. At the same time i really need to be more organize on my goal and split it with my time line, there are some goal i actually planning to do it on my very last long holidays but in the end i miss some.

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