Summary Of 2007 Resolutions

Checking on my 2007 Resolutions , this has become my yearly habit and a reminder to myself.

  1. Lose Weight – i just weight myself before i write this post , it show me 86.6KG. Although is a bit far from my target, but i believe this is a good results, when i came back from my taiwan trip , i even reach 96~97 KG, by the help of medicine, gym and some control, this weight issue seem like under control, this is my slimest time for the past 5 years , consider after i come back from aus.
  2. Travel – Yeah i went to taiwan very last min, after i found a new job, these are some of the post about this trip.
  3. Switching 50% of PC time to Linux – erm not sure consider success or not, now i m spending 100% on mac , other then my working hour.
  4. Increase my blog income – 80% success , for the past 1 year i m getting 5 payout only.
  5. Increase my saving – failure ! with many reason like i spend quite a big amount for my taiwan trip, changing a new job with pro-rated 13th month bonus and buying a few gadgets.
  6. Learn Ruby with Ruby On Rails – failure again .. 2 year already, think i give up this.
  7. Project – failure , this a quiet year for me nothing much on the development

i haven’t think about this year resolutions , this year should be more changes …

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