Waiting for Something in the air

Just added mac category for my blog, i m in the middle of reorganize of all my category and i think mac category is a must add category.I bought my macbook pro since September, starting of December i totally switch over and shut down my windows pc, until now it never on. As a new switcher i believe i have quite a few thing to share , i will try to post more mac related stuff in future.

I starting this post because macworld is going to start in a few hour time with the slogan – There’s something in the air , lets just hope tomorrow morning or later ( since current time is already 12:39am) , there will be a big surprise Apple going to give us, for now i m prepare to sell my macbook pro and get a iMac + eeepc , lets see what they release going to change my mind or not .. Something in the air , what will that be ?

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