Buxfer is still my personal finance tracking tool

I been using buxfer to track my personal finance for the past 1 year , it doesn’t have a lot of fantasitc feature but it does meet my need most of the time, but i m looking for new service/software to replace it. This is one of my major goal during my long holidays, but in the end i can’t find a replacement software/service.

At first ,I m thinking of give rudder or mint a try, since both are famous personal finance service and mint even have a iphone/ipod touch apps that can sync.



But in the end i give up on both after i complete the registration , because i have a big problem once i want to start using this 2. Both service need you to create an actual account, which mean you need to select your bank, fill in your bank login and there are some sync feature to sync your bill , there are no option for you to create an virtual account.I m still not comfortable to just give my bank login like this to a service, i rather create a virtual account and do import of my billing monthly and normally i will create a cash account to tracking my cash on hand, but nope i m unable to do this on both.

since online service unable to meet my need, i thinking of using what i purchase during machest bundle , cha-ching.


On the first look cha-ching just like a typical mac app software with the mac style interface but after i test it a while and import my data ( which backup from buxfer ) i find out one of the big problem, there are no option for sharing transaction, i having this type of transaction quite often, pay certain amount of money first for 2~3 people share, during end of the month calculate the total sum and getting back the money, it doesn’t seem like it can be done on Cha-Ching, not sure the_coming_soon cha-ching 2.0 having this feature ?

In the end, i still stick with buxfer , maybe with some new feature coming, i might really consider to subscribe buxfer pro ?


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