Get bundle mac software !

When you have a friend which is also a Mac fan, for sure you will get influence , not only willing to pay for the OS , even thinking to buy mac software.

machist.pngThe whole story start from my mac fan colleague getting me to join the game on Macheist , we got some free application and some discount coupon, the discount coupon is for their current bundle software sale. Currently they are include 14 applications for just $49 USD, don’t think this is expensive, there are some expensive software inside, example pixelmator which cost $59 USD retail price and CSS Edit which is $29.99 USD, the whole bundle is about $500 USD worth.Not only this 25% of your purchase will be donated to 10 charities, buying software and doing charities at the same time, it is hard to reject this kind of offer.

Before this i m still a bit struggle to buy or not to buy, what make me changed my mind ? One day after i try out pixelmator for some photo editing and very impressive of the performance and find out that it cost just below $100 SGD, i m thinking this seem like cheaper then those commercial photo editing software. The next day i been told this application is include for this bundle, i was like so excited and make the decision to support this bundle.

so why don’t support charity and support these nice application from the developer ? use my invite code so that i can get another applications for free and you can get all the nice application + doing charity.


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