How to order a refurbished macbook pro by installment

Yes, for refurbished macbook/macbook pro is allow to purchase through credit card installment, currently they only accept Citibank and DBS credit card only. This post is dedicated for people that want to order from apple store singapore.

  1. Browsing the apple refurbished store
  2. Make sure you have a apple online store account
  3. Found your target , call apple TeleSales: 1-800-MY-APPLE (1800-69-27753)
  4. You must tell the TeleSales what model you want to order and request the form for doing installment plan
  5. I believe for different bank should have different form, so let the Telesales know which bank’s Credit card you going to use
  6. After complete the order, the Telesales should be email you the order and the form for installment plan in shortly
  7. The form should be quite simple, the only thing to take note is for Retailer should be “Apple South Asia Pte Ltd”
  8. Complete the form and fax it back, it seem like their finance is quite bz, it takes a few try for the form to fax through
  9. After that someone from Apple will be calling to check with your CC secure code
  10. After this you should be able to start see your shipping status in your store account

for my experience, i place order on thursday, verified on friday and got my macbook pro on tuesday, i would say the whole process is quite fast and it’s worth it.

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