Multi Sync

Last week i just got my new Nokia phone, a totally different mobile platform from what have previously, i been using palm and windows mobile for the past 2 year.

So the first thing come in my mind is how am i going to move my contact over ? the most easiest way should be just copy all the contact to your sim card and copy over the phone, but this will cause the proper contact card structure gone.

Another easy way should be sync the nokia phone through microsoft outlook, but this only resolve my contact migration from windows mobile to symbian, don’t forget i m using Mac at home, i need a multi sync solutions.

So i decided to give Plaxo a try , who i choose Plaxo ? it actually provide multi sync solutions, it can sync with outlook, outlook express,mac, google , etc and for paid edition you can sync with windows mobile.

So this is how my flow –
Windows Mobile ( old phone ) sync to outlook (office) , outlook sync to plaxo, plaxo sync to Mac address book, Mac address book sync with my nokia phone. The whole process is quite smooth, no problem at all. In future i can just sync any place any where, don’t forget other then sync contact, there is feature to sync calender also, share your calendar across different platforms. hmmmmm plaxo also seem like able to communicate with other web2.0 services, i think i will spend more time to discover it.

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