Can’t SSH on Mac ?

One of my biggest my problem after getting my macbook pro is unable to SSH to my vps by terminal . This sounds wierd right ? when i using putty under windows , no problem at all but now change into a so call unix OS, i m unable to SSH.

So far i only manage to SSH to media temple, that is the only host i can SSH, not sure is that because their setting is different. So what happen is , after i type the command and try to SSH, it will take very long time for the VPS to respond and when i key in my password, the connection just close without any reason.

after search through a lots of solutions, this is the one that works on me.

the delay was caused by my local SSH client rying to look up Kerberos credentials

Edit /etc/ssh_config and add in these value

GSSAPIAuthentication no
GSSAPIKeyExchange no

no need to restart or what, just launch your terminal again and issue the SSH, after this changes apply , i m able to SSH in my VPS immediately , no waiting time and the same password i been try previously.

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