Better experience

I blog about my unpleasant experience on monday, finally today i getting some better experience.

  • They call me on 9am + in the morning and told me i can collect my keyboard already, the guy even remind me the shop open after 11am,  +1
  • On time, i thought i can only collect on thursday or friday and maybe i even need to call them myself to check is it ready, but nope ! from the day i send until the day i collect , is total 3 day. +1
  • This time when i reach the shop, they are using the number calling device ! yeah +1
  • the service staff explain to me that it is 1 to 1 exchange , but they need to send my keyboard to apple in order to get a replacement one, thats the main reason why it take 3~5 biz day. +1
  • the servie staff connect the keyboard and let me test it, when i have some doubt , he even explain to me why the keyboard behave like that. +1

overall this time i have a much better experience, kudos for today service staff !

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