Unpleasant experience

Currently i m using my logitech keyboard set to type and it is weird to use windows keyboard on mac, i normally use this keyboard for my gaming only, so what happen to my apple aluminum keyboard ? It have some problem, i send for repair and i can only get back 3~5 day later.

My keyboard is weird since last week, the “Y” key is die on Saturday, so any time that i need to type a “Y” , i just google and copy from the web, don’ be suprize i even complete porting some theme under this condition.

Since i m working some where in orchard , i decided to send my keyboard to ishop for service and understand from where most probably they will just 1 to 1 exchange.After i reach the shop, a friendly cashier told me how to progress it, i need to get a ticket at another front counter.

The ticket number i getting it say “Now serving 150 and my Ticket number is 153” , but when i look at the service area, it seem like the 3 counter all without customer , i think maybe those staff are working on something , later one of the staff wave her hand to call me over, geez there is a number display devide but no one using it ? anyway the staff help me log a report and i been told need to wait for 3~5 biz day, i was like huh , how come like that  ? the staff never reply or giving any comments , so i got no choice and just continue the process , the staff never check whats wrong with the keyboard also and just finish all the paper work.

I m not sure am i overreact but this is really an unpleasant experience.

  • there are number calling device but not in use ? if i didn’t see the staff waving , i might just stand there and silly wait for my number
  • i m not sure is this standard or not but from my view , keyboard this kind of device should be 1 to 1 exchange ? imagine if i don’t have keyboard , what i can use for this 3~5 biz day ?
  • no checking , again i m not sure is this standard that they staff won’t check whats wrong with device ?

anyway windows keyboard on mac is really weird !

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