I gave up on E61i

I thought i can fully switch over from m$ after getting my new nokia E61i , but i m wrong , i can’t really accept e61i or rather say i been pampers by Palm’s Windows Mobile for too long.

My last nokia phone is long long ago when there is no color screen, no 3g, no wifi and no camera, after that i spend some time on Sony Ericsson , Palm and Windows Mobile. If you use before Palm’s customize Windows Mobile interface , i believe mostly likely you can’t accept a symbian OS phone too.

Symbian OS’s problem – the biggest problem that make me frustrated

SMS to Contact – it takes about 6~7 steps ,to find a contact, after you type the names, you need to click the button to trigger it search the name , after name found , click a button to select name, click a ok button, then if the contact have more then one number, you need to select which number to send ..

E61i’s phone problem – smaller problem that add on the fire

For E61i , it nearly drop when i try to operate by one hand and i m too use to it to operate my treo in one hand, other then this E61i without touch screen is also part of the reason, it’s hard for web navigation.

Web2.0 problem – last that push it to the end

This is the smallest problem, but some of the product that i m using ( example Remember The Milk and Plaxo ) only provide windows mobile addon.

Sigh wasted my new contract … back to my treo.

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