Nokia N800 vs iPod Touch

When i saw Apple release iPod Touch , the first thing pop in my mind is shit i might want this compare to Nokia N800. I been searching for a small device like this which allow me to connect to the internet without notebook, mobile phone doesn’t meet my requirement due to the small screen. Nokia N800 is always on my to-buy list until iPod Touch release.

Some of the clearly comparsion we can see via

i will just compare some of the main feature which important to me

  • Connectivity – Nokia N800 , include bluetooh
  • Multimedia – iPod Touch , iPod is good with all these video, music kind of thing
  • Sync – iPod Touch able to sync with iTunes ( i hope it can be sync as PIM in future )
  • Browser – iPod Touch , safari should be optimize and there are many site optimize for iphone ready
  • 3rd Party software – Nokia N800 , linux is the answer and tons of application been develop
  • UI – iPod Touch , multi touch is revolution
  • Storage – fair , 8G vs 2 card slot
  • Price – fair

what will be your choice ?

nokia n800 iphone touch

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