the 5 reason i choose dopod over treo

Since there are some reader ask why am i choosing dopod over treo , these are my answer ( comparing Treo 680 with dopod 838 pro )

  1. There are build in Wireless Lan, for Treo 750V need external device to be wireless, for Treo 680 there are no wireless option so far
  2. 2 MB pixel Camera, compare to Treo 680 VGA Camera and Treo 750V 1.3m Camera
  3. Battery Life, dopod have longer batter life compare to this 2 Treo
  4. Its a 3G phone compare to Treo 680
  5. Feel like trying something different
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  • So how is the Dopod so far?

  • I was a big fan of Palm PDA when I was introduced to the Palm V even before it was out in the market. My first company was doing accessories for them then. Since taking care of the US market, I became a strong supporter of the OS and when handspring came into the picture with Jeff Hawkins (a very respectable guy) all the more I was supporting Palm OS.

    Well, after handspring gone and Treo 600 nothing everything starts to come downhill 🙁

    And when Palm decided to put WM5 into a Palm PDA phone, you know that the identity is lost.

    Check out this Interesting article on the decline of Palm sent to me by another ex-palm supporter:

    We also stopped developing the anti-theft software for Palm OS looking at the way things are going. Really sad.

  • DK

    Looks like the end of palm is nearing….. haiz.
    *hug my TX*

  • hmmm. i just got a o2 graphite. it’s exactly the same reason i chose it over other phones!

  • I stopped at Tungsten T.

  • Knight

    me ?

    Palm III -> Treo 600 -> Tx -> Treo 680 …
    going to sell my Tx, any one wan ? lelong ..

  • Palm has lost some of its buzz, but are you comparing apples to apples here?

    Shouldn’t we compare the Windows mobile version of Treo with Dopod?

  • Knight

    Hi Harro,

    as you can see some of the point, i did compare btw the Tre750v with dopod, but what i try to say is i wish to see all these feature on treo …

  • alex

    how about 02 xda zinc?is it good than dopod