ideal netbook

I been looking on netbook recently, although the new macbook is really tempting. Just now i went to IMM for dinner after that i walking around and browse through most of the netbook, almost all the latest netbook you can find it there except the MSI Wind.

So what are the criteria if i choose a netbook ?

  • 10 inch screen ( this should limit down to few model only)
  • better keyboard size and layout ( most of the eeepc keyboard cannot make it )
  • cannot be too ex, should be below SGD $1k ( if i got budget more then 1k for sure i will get eeepc S101)

from what i see

  • dell netbopk – ugly design, keyboard layout wierd
  • acer netbook – cap on 1.5G RAM, 8.9 inch screen
  • eeepc – don’t like the design, S101 is too expensive

i think only MSI Wind and Ideapad meet my requirement, in fact i kind of like ideapad S10, but for around $50~$100 different , MSI Wind give me 2GB ram, draft-N wireless and 6 cell battery.

Something about ideapad S10 is allow you to put in 2GB Ram, although there is 512MB on board and the pink color looks nice, $20 different but it’s fingure print proof. I think i will wait until the last pc show.

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