Aside Kick in

I been heard about aside since the old day when i using k2 theme, but i always thought that it just a block at your sidebar to show 1 of your category post, but i found this on wordpress codex, which give a better picture of aside.

As you can see i start to have my Aside section too, this should help me to motivate myself to write something, if not i always thinking to blog something i have to squeeze out a few paragraph , which some time is really painful for a person that not really good into writing, so with the new aside feature, i can just add some of the useful link that i found. I think king of the aside should be cowboy caleb and lancerlord

No doubt that my blogging momentum slow down this month, the major reason should be WOW release the 3.0.2 patch and i m afraid it will be getting worse when Wrath of the Lich King release on Novemeber.

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