Upgraded WordPress 2.2

I believe most of wordpress user should aware of WordPress version 2.2 Getz was released

Normally i will wait for a few week before i did the upgrade, i will followly blogsphere to see any issue after the upgrade, but this release is different, it is for security reason also. Thats why i upgrade this blog immdiately as soon as i can.

How i upgrade ?

  • as usual backup everything include database
  • overwrite all the file
  • upgrade the database
  • since i using k2 themes, i need to disable the widgets feature , this will allow k2 widget feature working again

so far the plugin that i find out is having problem is Flickr Photo Gallery , temp solution is here . Just like some of the blogger mention, it seem like wordpress is getting too big, full with some useless feature. Maybe Habari will be next wave ? just like how wordpress replace b2 ?

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