Treo Side Case @ PC Show 07

Visit PC Show during Friday, this is my first time see so many people for pc show during weekday! mainly because thursday was a public holiday, most of the people will just take leave on friday to enjoy long weekend ( include me )

After squeezing a few round , the only thing that i think is worth it ( for my own use) , it’s the Treo Leather Side Case, original from palm , if i not wrong the retail price should be $50 ~$69, but i saw 2 booth is selling in this PC Show, one is selling $35 and another which is the Harvey Norman Booth is selling only $28, what a steal!

Treo side case

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  • DK

    I usually don’t bother to look at the original retail price. Its always way off the mark.

    I think they are also trying to clear their stock, since more people are switching over to other devices.