Palm Foleo

If you are palm fans, you should know that jeff hawkins just announce palm’s new product Foleo , so call mobile companion. A lot of palm fans ( include me ) is rather disappoint at first, a lot of users actually compare this with the low end notebook that they can buy with the same price.

Just like some of the user out there , i hope is a super Treo with palm software + WIFI + HSPDA+ Good Megapixel Camera ( with good battery life best) , but in the end is a UMPC style of device, the first thing pop in my mind is maybe that’s the end of palm, i better change device ..

After some chit chat with my bro on this ( another palm’s lover), this product might not be just like what we see, it might still have something yet to be discover, yeah if this claim as a light weight notebook or UMPC then is just nothing different compare with other, maybe this is their marketing strategy ?

In fact if this thing come to singapore and the pricing is reasonable i might consider to get one, since most of service i use now is online, the web is my desktop. This device did suit most of mobile user and in fact because of web2.0 this device might be really getting popular.

Just another device that pop in my mind is the Nokia N800, if comparing this 2 which one shall i getting ?


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