Searchfox and FeedLounge

It is a surprize to me when i saw this news just now , searchfox is one of the service that looks good to me, i even serious consider to use it as my default feed reader, but now searchfox going to shut down on 25 this month, it inform all the user to export their OPML before it actual close down.

so far there are not detail about the shut down, but what i guess maybe they can’t getting any funds for support this project ? or is it because of the feed reader market is too competitive ? at the same time FeedLounge – yet another web based feed reader is going to commercial next week , the pricing structure is aiming on $5 per month and $49.95 per year, will it be able to survive under so many free feed reader competition ?

it seem there are only 3 way for these new wave , either getting people invest, buying by the big player ( like what yahoo did ) or shutdown like this. this cute fox image is become history.

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