Using evernote with Readability

I been using evernote for quite some time and i m loving it , although i haven’t become the premium user but it play a big part on my digital life, which most likely going to turn me into paid user by end of this year. I m using evernote to keep my ideas, blogging topic and some tech article.

One of the major problem i have for evernote is to capture blog post ,when i read some nice blog post, i would like to use the web clip to keep the blogpost , but most of the time it will capture lots of useless info too , it is waste of bandwidth because there are upload limit monthly. So Readbility come in handy, it “removing the clutter around what you reading” and allow you to focus on content only.

I found a solution on evernote user forum that combine the best of this 2 , what it does is change the evernote web clipper javascript and combine with Readbility javascript, when you press the web clipping , the website will be turn into Readbility mode and keep in your evernote account.


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