Track your comment

I think blog is the starting point of the whole web2.0 idea and until now lots of web2.0 product still base on blogging, after i list out the blog statistic tools , now is time for another new wave of blog related service , comment tracking !

why does comment tracking important ? imagine today you have read finish 100 blog and leave comment on 30 of it, how are you going to track this interaction with the blog owner ?

  • cocomment – one of the popular comment tracking service and i believe it support the most blogging platform.
  • co.mments – it seem sometime in the market already but been overtake by cocomment until recently techcrunch blog about it again
  • myComments – it seem low profile if compare with the other 2 competitor , currently only support WordPress and Textpattern but the API is there for people to create plugin.

its good that if you able to track all the interaction with other blog, not only this you even can share with other on your own blog, what you comment on others blog, example cocomment allow you to show your latest conversations on your own blog.

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