Online florist ? avoid FarEastFlora

This is my first time buying flower online from FarEastFlora, but this should be the last time also.

  • their site sometime load quite slow on firefox
  • what i order looks very different from what i saw online
  • most of the flowers seem like squeeze together , hard to believe is done by designer
  • some of the roses is like gone case already, can see at the side have a bit black color
  • i been trying to call their contact no for 30 min, cannot get through, but i manage to get their email support
  • although last min i find out the address i give is wrong ( in stead of 10 medical drive, should be 2 medical drive , not from east to west ) but it seem like they never update the deliver man
  • i give them my gf’s fren no , so that they can contact her , then can give my gf a surprise , in the end it seem like they also never give that no to the deliver man, the deliver man just call my gf and ask her go down to pick up
  • the flower come with a cheapo card

i won’t recommend them at all ! i think last year the one i order from is much better.

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