An Addictive Game

It’s all Cobalt Paladin‘s fault , he blog about this addcitive game , i m addicted after play for few round, i think last night i played until 1 am plus.. , i would say this is quite a creative game and it should be a stand alone game, in stead of just an entertainment for some advertisement.

If you don’t want to get addicted on this game, you better don’t start, don’t visit Jellybattle.


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  • Don’t blame me… I wrote an entry to warn everyone! :p

  • Hmm, makes me feel like even want to play more.

  • Knight

    you still got time ? thoughy you busy with facebook already

  • Facebook? I haven’t login for four days already. 😛

    By the way, its “An Addictive Game”.

  • Knight

    oooo thanks , fixed the title