Refactory – editable code snippets library

I come accross this website in the morning, it’s a code snippets library website which is on their early release stage.The interesting part is Refactory as a public code snippets library , allow anyone to edit or to refactoring the codes.

Refactory is using openid for member acount login, which mean it support most of the big-name service like google,blogger,yahoo and wordpress etc. Once you have an account, there are 2 things you can do

  • add a snippet yo the library
  • edit other user’s snippet

example for this code snippet – PHP SEO title generator history , you can see which user did what changes with comment why they did the changes, i would say this is quite a cool idea, as a developer you might wish to tweat other user code in order to prove that you can do better optimization , as a user you might wish to see how to tweak the code as pro , this web site actually cater for both.


Refactory claimed to be developer wiki , as per the tag cloud , it seem like most of programming language/frame work are having some code snippet, give it a try if you are finding some code snippets for your own use.

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