Realtime Twitter Update – TwitZap

TwitZap is one of the latest twitter application that gaining quite a bit of attention, that’s why I just give it a try  and share it here what is this Twitzap about.

So TwitZap got quite a few interesting feature

  • It’s a web application , no installation require. It’s like a greasemonkey script that provide additiona feature on your twitter account.
  • It provide real time update, no action required and it keep refresh by itself.
  • It allow you to do realtime search and you can save this search and follow up all the updates of your search term
  • It has 3 follow style
    • User – keep track the updates from a specific user.
    • Chatter – keep track both way conversation from a specific user.
    • Group – keep track multiple user update.

unlike tweetdeck , the grouping feature is always there , as long as you login twitzap, if you not sure what grouping can use for ? let me share with you how i use grouping, most of the time i will just group certain similar topic user together, so that some time i can just filter off all the update without losing information that i need. The image below show that i put all the twitter account that related to hosting in 1 group, so if i need hosting information, i can just reading on this channel.

If you want a grouping/filtering web service that can access any place , give it a try on TwitZap


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