Twitter Trending Topic now include Singapore

If you using Twitter for sometime you should know about Trending Topic feature , which allow you to keep track what are the current trending topic in Twitter that every one is talking about. Other then keep tracking of world-wide trending topic, it keep track of local trends too.

Twitter just announce that they have added local trends for more country and city, Singapore is one of the Asia country that getting the local trends feature. If you want to check other country/city local trends , just click on the change links beside your current selected country/city , this allow you to switch between different country/city trends.

Looking at the Singapore Local Trends, it looks funny to me. I only know about “Raya Haji”, which is the reason of today being Public Holiday. If you want to find out what are the meaning of each trend, What The Trend will give you more detail info of each trend and what are the tweets build up these trends.

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