Dropbox Free Space Upgrade

If you become a Dropbox Guru and got the extra 250MB before, Dropbox just launch a new campaign which allow you to earn 6 x 128MB free space by completing another 6 simple steps.

In case someone don’t know what is Dropbox ?

Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online.

How to gain the extra free space ? first login to your Dropbox account and visit this page , as you can see the 6 steps is actually tied to social media, they are trying to spread their influence and brand through social media. These 6 steps including

  • Follow Dropbox’s Twitter.
  • Connect your Twitter account to Dropbox, this is for next step.
  • Post what you love about Dropbox.
  • Finally it will auto post to your twitter account, this is how I find out about this campaign.
  • Connect your Facebook with Dropbox for the next step.
  • What you write on steps 3 will be auto post to Facebook.

Simple and easy , the only 2 thing you need  is a twitter and a Facebook account. Get your free space now ! If you still don’t have a Dropbox account, register now and find out how I use my Dropbox account.

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  • oh…i got it at the very beginning. Which is 2GB free…now 250MB for new signed up? I just knew it. haha

  • 2GB free is for everyone, these are additional steps to increase your free space : )

  • hotsauce

    You can get 250 MB of extra space by using my referral link to sign up:
    Thanks in advance!

  • Gandolf8

    You get an extra 250MB when starting with my referral link, and I get 500MB:

    Why 500MB? Because I registered as a student with an email address that ends in .edu. Once you register, you can do the same thing here:
    The account you register with does not have to be a .edu account, but you do have to verify that you check the .edu with a confirmation email. If successful, each of your referrals counts for 500MB, and you can add 16GB instead of 8GB!

    If you appreciate the help, again feel free to use my link:

  • Mschro94

    Anyone who wants to join Dropbox use this link: http://db.tt/eBbQ7a8

    WE will BOTH get 250MB FREE extra space!

  • B7458400

    Hi guys, if you really want more space, I can offer you +16 GB (you will give me just your referal link)
    So 16 GB = 16$ (PayPal) one-time

    more info skype: rootboard