Try out Soocial Hassle Free Contacts

Soocial is one of the latest web2.0 contact management system, which allow you to sync your contact from different connection into one stop. Soocial invitation has been sit in my inbox for some time, finally i squeeze out some time today and give it a try.

Since it still in beta, a lot of feature is still coming soon and i kind of agree some of coming soon feature, will be the killer point. Currently it provide 4 connection for you to sync with your contact

  • Phone ( support some of the mobile phone)
  • Macs ( there is a OSX agent do the job )
  • Gmail
  • Highrise


there is an additional lame facebook application ( soocial self claim ) which i think really meaningless, it act as a interface only in facebook, which you still need to manually add in contact by contact, i don’t really see the point of it.

One thing to highlight which i think is quite a good feature, it will send you a copy of your gmail contact before it start sync with your gmail account


anyway it still in early stage, until it have more connection and able to sync accross differet platform, then it might worth more attention.

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