Not this inbox is Other Inbox

Other Inbox is one of the demo during TechCrunch50 , i manage to grab the beta invite and give it a try, What Other Inbox does is like slogan on their blog – the cure of email overload.

What you getting after complete the registration is getting an Other Inbox domain name, example for mine is, by having this domain, you can put in any name without any special configuration and it work, example you can use for facebook ,  for plurk.

Currently i think only Gmail have this similar feature. you might think what’s the point to have all these trouble ? one of the thing you can do by using this unique name feature, you can track down who actually selling your email address to those spammer.

Another interesting feature it will actually organize the email into folder by brand, i wonder is it base on the domain ? but i understand some of the service sending out their support email other different domain, wonder will it take care of this ?

Some other useful setting like allow to send notification or foward all the email that receive by otherinbox domain to your personal email account, export exmail and allow to configure additional, all these sounds very promising.


One of the interesting is the icons on top , still under development,i wonder what other suprize will we getting when it go live ?  i really look foward the calendar feature.

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