Google Version Geocities ?

I think most of the internet surfer should play with yahoo geocities before or visit site that host on geocities before, during my time when i first step into internet, that was the door for me to build web site ..

its been some time since the last news about personal homepage, everyone focus is on blog now .. but google seem like always like to go back the starting point and make a better start, thats why Google Page Creator is build, this not only start another new wave and it seem like a challenge to yahoo geocities too.

since some local blogger blog about it already, i not really wish to dig it detail , currently what i see its only a good WYSIWYG editor , i wonder what will be the next ?

  • play google video on your page ?
  • having some catalog from google base that display on your page ?
  • display what your read of your google reader ?

this is how the page will look like

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