30 boxes getting better

I blog about 30 boxes make one good calendar when it launch , i must say bravo to them , within 2 week i saw some good improvement from them.

  • some UI changes , now its more user friendly
  • add buddy chicklet – which allow others to add you as buddy
  • rss feed for events
  • different type of view of your own calendar, include html, rss, icals, csv, js/html badge
  • all the view can choose to view all events or hide the private events
  • allow to create view with consist of certain tag
  • icals seem working with apple icalender and plugin for m$ outlook but still not working with sunbird ( but it seem got ppl make it work on calendar extension for firefox )
  • host the skin remotely – if you are skin master, now you are allow to make up your own skin and host it on your local pc or other remote server. anyway i quite like the flickr skin.

Just one thing i found that in Syndication Screen, there are add yahoo icon which allow you to add the feed to my.yahoo.com, this make me wonder why is it only yahoo ? summon yahoo to acquire them ? will it follow the steps of del.icio.us and flickr ?

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