Why I choose Mailgun over Sparkpost

I blog about too bad, Mandrill 2 month ago, and I just finish migrated all my sites to the new provider – Mailgun. I do consider about Sparkpost but after some real usage and comparison, I think Mailgun is more suitable for my need.

Why I choose Mailgun over Sparkpost?

Free tier issue

Mailgun provides free tier with control. The first 10k email is free, if you provide payment info, they will add 30-day log retention, multiple user accounts and up to 1,000 custom domains for your account. I think the control can reduce users who try to ambush the system. On the other hand Sparkpost, free tier comes with 100k email without many conditions; it make me worry will I need to migrate soon if I am using them.


Mailgun has a clean interface,  under each domain, I can see what email is sending to who under the log file, where Sparkpost group the email by domain, I can only see I sending out email count group by domain.

Email Content

Mailgun allows you to view outgoing email content; Sparkpost doesn’t have this feature yet.

Sending Domain

Sparkpost restricts all email must be sending out from the domain you added. Mailgun doesn’t have this restriction. For my case I have managed an e-commerce website that all the staff is using stand alone gmail account, so Mailgun saves the day in this scenario.

For sure there are some Sparkpost features which Mailgun don’t have. For example, the email transaction template but like I say Mailgun is more suitable for my use case. Dear Mandrill user, do consider Mailgun if you haven’t migrated yet, there are about two weeks more before Mandrill merge into Mailchimp.

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