Rework Labs Report March 2016

Another late monthly post, this usually happen when I have too many works, when there is some free time, I usually just use it to rest or spend with the family. It seems like the same thing always happens, a slow starting beginning of the year, the suddenly everything come in during mid-year, except this year since like started earlier.

So what happen in March?

Freelance – building an MVP for startup on WordPress and cleaning up tons of bug for a dual language e-commerce site.

Enquiry – 2 enquiry, 1 is still drafting and lost 1 for sure since the customer compares it with remote freelancer pricing.

Products – manage to build the first draft of the plugin which I think to commercialise it later.

Internal – remove sites that using Mandrill and replace it with Mailgun and Spark posts. I have revamped the company site as well.

Upcoming I will need to rush another two project, so most likely it’s going to be a super busy month ahead, I just hope after all these I can take a short break in May before I burn out from all these and spend more time to build the products.

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