Freelancer Report April

Just like last month , I m late to do a summary of what happen last month , It is a better month compare to my first month , but I believe there are still a lot more that I can improve.

May now ,  I have left my earlier company for 3 month and working as a freelancer for 2 month.One thing which is true, time really fly when you are busy.

I m still busy for sure but I have added an hour or more for exercise every day , if you read have read 13 Things You Must Do Every Week As A Startup CEO , exercise is one of the important thing, since I spend even more time in door now , without any travel , exercise is a must.

Income – this is a good month , but some of the incomes are just late payment for earlier work  – $23xx for this month, at least this allow me to survive for the next 2 month, I guess one of my goal will be having a stable $2k+ income per month.

Project – the long project is continue and I have done a quick work for a company which replace the mail library to amazon SES services. These are project I prefer, short-term and able to learn new thing.

Learn – understand more about CodeIgniter and FuelCMS , pick up Git and playing with Github , learn how to get the source code , commit and request for an update pull, I have submitted a few patch for FuelCMS. The new project that involved Amazon SES also let me learn a bit more about Amazon AWS related services.

Network – nothing much different compare to last month.

Startup – domain registered ,  official site is up but still haven’t squeeze out the about page info, but at least I have putting up some portfolio, trying to use Apollo HQ to manage my project now.

Review my last month plan 3/6 + 1

  • Contribute to Open Source – I have release a group access module for Fuelcms.
  • Setup company site and portfolio
  • Learn some thing new – Git & SES
  • Relaunch and optimize this blog

completed 3 out of 6 and finished off 1 extra goal, the rest are not done, I guess will be rolling to this month.

So what’s next ?

  • Continue to Contribute Open Source
  • Selling script
  • Learning something new
  • Finish 2 Ebook
  • Prepare a demo
  • Launch a project

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