SupportPress – idea stage

I have this idea to launch WordPress maintenance support for a very long time.

Based on the success company like WPCurve and WPSitecare and these WordPress Statistic, I believe the market for WordPress maintenance service is quite significant.

Do I qualify for selling service like this?

For the past 11 years this blog has been on WordPress, I m into WordPress development before I quit my corporate job, and I have completed multiple WordPress job after I start doing freelance. I think I should be able to handle it well.

Of course how am I going to expand and where to hire other WordPress support will be another challenge, at least I think I can handle the first wave of request.

You don’t just launch a clone; you need to be something different.

I been thinking and planning for different since last year, from all in one package ( include hosting , CDN ) , basic monthly package ( just purely limited how many time support) and pay as you work. I try out different WordPress maintenance software too, to see what can help me better if I sell a monthly maintenance. I even sell a few package to my current customer to see can the idea work.

I think the testing is enough, I should just ship the idea rather than keep doing all kind of testing with the small sample of data. These are some conclusion from my small testing sample for the local market.

  • Unlimited support is not ideal, and it often seem there are people trying to ambush it.
  • The market is there, lots of agencies build it for their client on WordPress but just leave it like that.
  • Users are more willing to pay if the site is generating revenue.

I have few ideas on my mind what kind of package to sell, but I would like to see the initial respond from the customer first. I m planning to launch the basic first and build on top of customer feedback. I going to launch my first side project – SupportPress before end of this month, and I going to share about it here.


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