Rework Labs Report June 2015

June is the start of my coding marathon, I been working on a few project since Laravel 5.1 release.When I generate code, I feel like to have my product is stronger. Every time I will think if the code that I have generated is to produce my product, what will it happen ?

I always have some side project ideas, maybe is time to work on it and ship it? The feeling is awful because when you are free, you don’t feel like working on any side project and was busy to look for a proper project that can bring in income. When you are busy with these profit projects, you will start to feel like shipping some side project to balance out the whole things.

Back to what I been doing for the past month.

I been mainly doing on Laravel based application, currently I have 3 Laravel project on hand which all are on different stage

  • Project XM is an entirely new project, Laravel 5.1 based.
  • Project TH is about to close project, which I have upgrade to Laravel 5, so now I m doing the final part and upgrade to Laravel 5.1
  • Project HS is a Laravel 4 project, so I doing a fully upgrade to Laravel 5.1 and going through every line of code to optimize it.

Switching context between these project some time is really messy, but at least the last 2 project is about to end, should be done within this month and decision to upgrade to Laravel5.1 is right choice.

Some other major work I did this month

  • migrate from Google App to a regular mail server is painful, and we been pampered by Google email interface too much.
  • working on a Woocommerce that utilize the mobile store theme, if using out of the box, it will be one of the best looking mobile theme, but customization is a bit complicated for this.
  • Using Nexmo for sending SMS for one of the projects.

Photo by:  Luis Llerena

Since I been busy for generate out more code, I have little time to test new thing / read a new book / learn new thing. Some of the habits that I try to build didn’t improve much also, I think is going to be awful on the long run. I hope I have better control in July and hopefully can start to ship some of the smaller side projects that have been in the pipeline.


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