Rework Labs Report September 2015

I just wonder why the sudden slack mood recently ? does it because of hitting the sales goal too early ? or because I been missing out my personal goal for the past few month? The main thing that affect is my productivity, check on my personal stats the coding session has been drop. I spend more time on entertainment includes like gaming & drama.

So what happen this month?

Freelance – Working on the Laravel based Project XM which original should launch in Sep, base on the current progress it should be launch before the end of Oct. Working on two woo commerce site and kick-started a membership site.

Business – The productize service that I been planning is on hold; I would want it to be out on Oct. It doesn’t need to bring in lots of income for me, just need it to be shipped.

On the side note, Oct seems like doing ok, at least I can feel the zone is back again. I need to push myself hard for the last quarter of this year. It’s still not the time to relax yet.

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