Rework Labs Report July 2014

It’s been a busy month, I remember I plan to write this on 1st Aug, but when I realise I have to complete this, it’s already 5 day later. If I not wrong, I will be continued like this until Oct or end of the year. I think is really common when you got nothing to do , you worry a lot , when you got too many things to do , you worry a lot for different things.
So what happen this month ?

Freelance – relaunch a Woocommerce site, complete an online contest that involved $40k paypal transaction, migrated and manage a huge traffic WordPress site, continue working on the Laravel Membership system.

Enquiry & Deal – 1 Enquiry and confirm.

Project – build 2 plugin for the Woocoomerce site relaunch, will be repackage at later stage for selling it.


  • Using Trello to set up Laravel learning board for internal use.
  • Review Trello for internal use and might want to replace it with more task focus service.
  • Review Slack for internal use also might replace it with Hipchat because Hipchat is a lot cheaper and now added video conference.
  • No plan to renew WP Migrate DB pro license.
  • Bought WP-Rocket license and it does site optimize easier.
  • Bought Advanced Custom Field Pro to continue support this awesome plugin


  • Mainwp for manage WordPress site on a WordPress.
  • Advanced Custom Field has go through some pricing changes, although not really happy with it, but it still one of the best plugin that I use for doing customization.
  • Divi is really interesting, the page build allow you to build a lot, yet is a bit difficult if you need to customize it for Woocommerce.
  • Gravityform is another great plugin that help me build the online contest.
  • If you really need a site builder for WordPress for free, Site Origin Page builder is what I recommend.

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