Be a better developer

For my 9 year corporate life, only the last 4 year I became a developer, I been struggle for to be a developer or not since I looking for my first job, but I guess is really fated and I been working on my own as a developer until now.

I still remember the day when I decide to leave the corporate world, I feel that the growth in a corporate world is really limited , I want to learna  lot more and doing a lot more with a lot of freedom, it seem like become a freelancer is the only choice.

Freelancing did allow me to explore a bigger world, I pick up some unique projects , some funny projects and of course some nasty project too. It’s been a fun journey to explore on all kind of project, but most of the projects have very tight timeline, eventually my target is just get the work done and move on.

I always think that one day I going to pick up all these fancy programmign concept, but most of time I just flood by projects and totally forget about spending time on all these basic concept, of course I heard / learn about things like abstract/interface/BDD, but I have no clue how does it apply.

Everything change since I start develop on Laravel framework and thanks for Laracast, now I always think and learning what’s the best pratice, I still haven’t put testing in my workflow, but at least I will start planning like should this be a interface, should this be it’s own class etc.

I learn about SOLID and things like repository pattern through laracast, it might be a smaller step, but I feel like I m on the right track, toward the journey become a better developer.


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