Rework Labs Report August 2014

Finally squeeze out some time for this after 1/3 of month is over, it’s been really busy for all the work and the little one. Since I m going off for a short break soon, a lot of things need to get it done before that is really torture me now, I guess I can only bite the bullet and work on it.

So what happen on August ?

Freelance – kickstart one of the major project on Laravel this year, closing up the WordPress based online contest project, Setup a WordPress based Landing page for lead collection, continue the Laravel membership system.

Learn – better Laravel development on big project.

Enquiry & Deal – 4 Enquiry , 2 cancel , 1 confirm and 1 is barter deal


  • Consolidate all my Webfaction account.
  • Replace Trello with Asana for better project management
  • Try on Hipchat after some usage, but going back to Slack
  • Getting another friend on board to help, hopefully this will work.


  • Laravel going to change the structure on 4.3, wonder will it be pain to upgrade
  • Severpilot API official release, quite interesting, should be able to build something on top when I have more time.
  • Try out Optimizely for ab testing on a client project.
  • Try out Leadin for WordPress marketing, quite impressive.

I can only say “Fighting” for the next few month , hopefully can going through all these smoothly.

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