Rework Labs Report September 2014

It seem like the timing for monthly report is getting worse, last month at least is done in the 1/3 of month, this month I only managed to do it before end of 2/3 of month, but seriously for the past few week is really like ridding roller coaster, like what I always say so many things and so little times.

I manage to squeeze a trip during end Sep, but is quite a mix feeling, while having fun around day time but once I back to the hotel I need to continue work until late night so the whole trip is extreme tired and even fall sick during the trip, I guess this really remind me to not repeat the same mistake.

So What happen in September ?

Freelance – Working on the Laravel Project for a startup, managed to launch it for their launch event, guiding my staff for 1 e-commerce project and continue the Membership system.

Learn – Laravel all the way

Enquiry & Deal – Getting 2 enquiry on mobile app , but don’t have the resource to do it, pass.

Internal –

  • My Hosting now for Laravel based project will be using Forge, for WordPress based project will be using serverpilot.
  • Finally have some S3 experience due to the latest project.
  • Start to intro Screen Hero to my client too and so far the experience is really good, I prefer to use Screen Hero rather than Skype

Interesting –

  • Mainly focus on the Laravel Project, didn’t have much times for trying out new things, although tired, there is a satisfaction every time I plan a feature / section for the system.

The remaining of this year will be most likely to continue in busy or extreme busy mode, so hopefully all this doesn’t put me down and make me stronger. Fighting !

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