Rework Labs Report October 2014

I have a short trip end of September , at the same time there is a project need to go live too , so it is miserable and I really hope that the same thing not going to happen again, anyway I m glad that I went through it and hopefully what has happen will make me stronger.

So what happen on October ?

Freelance – continue the startup project on Laravel 4, planning for another project still struggle between Laravel 4 or Laravel 5 and helping my staff on 2 WordPress project and another Laravel membership project.

Learn – the new Laravel 5 , it is pretty interesting to see all the changes, while feeling painful for the upgrade, I have 3 Laravel 4 project this year and mostly will need to continue support until next year,  need to schedule how should I integrate with the new Laravel.

Enquiry & Deal – 4 Enquiry , 2 confirm 1 pending and 1 rejected , checking what’s on my hand I guess this year can’t take in any more project.


  • I have pause using Slack for internal tools, still planning how to position this tool within a team, it’s been under utilize for the past few month.
  • I have change the way I monitor a WordPress site , instead of monitor the homepage, I monitor the login part, because the homepage is cached so it doesn’t let you know when the site having problem.
  • It seem like Divi theme is having problem with ServerPilot setup, I have done some tweak on it and will continue monitor it.
  • Asana now encourage you to do project status update weekly, I really like the feature , at least it provide a summary update on how the project goes.
  • Current looking a way to better manage our WordPress project.

Interesting –

  • Gitgo – private Git hosting that charging based on storage, Github is good but it charge per repo, I have some smaller WordPress repo will be going to cost me a bomb , if i put it on Github.

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